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KangCaramel Cave In Baclayon Bohol Philippines – Adventure Cave

It is safe to say that you are enamored with investigating new things or new experiences.

All things considered, Kangcaramel Cave would be an incredible decision for you. An opportunity to plunge into the obscure, and reveal a shrouded jewel nearby mystery Kangcaramel Cave in Edith Grand Garden Resort and Adventure Park, Baclayon, Bohol.
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Presenting, the Kangcaramel Cave is situated in Tanday, Baclayon, Bohol. It is about 8.1 km from the city of Tagbilaran. It was honored on September 8, 2016, with a managing mass. It was actually the birthday of the Virgin Mother Mary to regard the benefactors of Baclayon which is Immaculate Concepcion. This cavern is having its progressing advancement and enhancements by the administration of Mr. Pompei Saturinas.
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In light of the Kangcaramel visit direct, this cavern has not yet found its chronicled foundation but rather if there would be a few scientists who might ponder, well they would be upbeat. Since there were at that point a few sightseers who were asking and they need that they could respond to their inquiries sincerely. In any case, some way or another, they make a joke this was named Kangcaramel in light of the fact that in the year1800s there was a landowner of this cavern named Caramel. What’s more, when individuals in those days were asking “Who claimed that?” the nearby inhabitants answer “Kang-Caramel” which signifies ‘Caramel possesses that’. When you get inside the cavern you will see the statue of Mama Mary and Jesus which they call the side Resurrection.


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The stalagmites inside the cavern intensify its magnificence. Truly, I am not so much into caverns in light of the dim and I am likewise terrified of bats but since I trust in an idiom that goes “On the off chance that it alarms you it may be something to be thankful for to attempt”. Furthermore, I need to state that my visit there was a life-changing knowledge. Rather than dread, I felt something different. I was elated. Finally, my dread of caverns is no more!

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