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Pahangog Twin Falls Dimiao Bohol Philippines – Bohol Travel

Come visit The Pahangog Twin Falls Dimiao Bohol Philippines calmly encompassed by huge trees and rich vegetation

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The Pahangog Twin Falls or known as Twin Falls in Dimiao, Bohol are taken care of by the profound woods of Brgy. Guingoyuran, Dimiao, Bohol. Which pulls in the cascade, dazzling, and offers a placating environment. Local people said that this cascade still keeps up its magnificence notwithstanding during the extremum of the late spring months. The water that streams from the higher rise is tenderly falling in three streams over bluffs and edges that structure an ideal nature-made tidal pond when it scopes to the getting bowl. The cascade gladly represents around 30 meters or 90 feet in stature; and normally isolated into two, which makes it being called Twin Falls. There are additionally staggering natural hollows situated close to the falls. The two of them have a stunning marvel with the nearness of stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and sizes.

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A 25-minute bike ride setting off to the falls. As a matter of fact, the long trek to Pahangog Twin Falls has conceded an extra degree of experience. The trek was very far and has caused you to perspire a lot. While on your approach to Pahangog Twin Falls, all-encompassing sight on the left side, which is a delightful rice field. It appears the one in Cadapdapan Rice Terraces in Candijay, Bohol. while trekking downhill in a rich green forest you will appreciate the twittering of flying creatures everywhere.

Sooner after, you’ll hear the tempting sound of the constant stream, which implies that you are near the Pahangog Twin Falls. The minute you arrived at the solid stream, turn your head to the left side and you promptly observed the glorious excellence of Pahangog Twin Falls. The stroll back to the hop-off zone is extremely tiring since it has a hundred stairs. Really, the trail claims a characteristic snag that can make you another degree of breathing difficulty.

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