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The Mirror of the World Sikatuna Bohol, Philippines! Come and Enjoy The Scenery!

Bohol’s new tourist destination is now open at Sikatuna’s Mirror of the World and Botanical Garden! Come and enjoy the amazing scenery here in Bohol.

Explore the famous landmarks from all over the world here in Bohol! It’s really an amazing place to visit and is becoming very popular!
Located at Brgy. Libjo Sikatuna Bohol, the Mirror of the World Sikatuna and Botanical Garden Bohol, Philippines, construction is almost complete in all phases.



TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR ONLY 150 PESOS! 🌏✈️👣 It’s the new attraction at Sikatuna’s Mirror of the World and Botanical Garden located in Bohol, Sikatuna Barangay Libjo 30min drive from Tagbilaran. All COVID19 protocols are strictly followed.

For visitors’ and staff’s safety:
* No mask no entry policy
* Area for washing hands on the way in
* Marked spots in the road for the visitors to stay at a safe distance from each other in the queue
* Required to leave contact details for contact tracing if needed
Rates and Other Information
Entrance fees
* Day Use (7am – 6pm)
* Adult: ₱150 per head
* Senior Citizen: ₱120 per head
* Child (below 3ft): ₱50 per head
* Night Use (6pm – 9pm)
* Adult: ₱170 per head
* Senior Citizen: ₱135 per head
* Child (below 3ft): ₱50 per head
LGU is having a 20 pesos environmental fee collected at the start of the entrance road.
other Information
* Opening hours: 8 am – 8 pm open all days including holidays
* Contact number: 0917-706-9682
* Email address: sikatunasmotwandbg@gmail.com

There is a small playground for the children but only children under the age of 10 years old are allowed.

There is also an option to buy a small bag of fish food for the fish pond and hand-feed them. It is a really nice experience and something the kids will really love. Not only the kids but also adults will enjoy this experience as well.

PWD and Seniors Information

The park is very PWD and senior-friendly. The entrance road, internal roads, and walkways are all smooth concrete.
You will enjoy easy access to most of the landmarks here except the Christ the Redeemer. Presently they do not have any means to access the hill but they plan to improve this in the future.

There are nice roomy PWD and senior-friendly restrooms just inside the park before the hill on the way up to the Cafe Acropolis with a breathtaking Panoramic view deck o the whole park!

If the summer tourism season in 2021 gets better they intend to purchase 2 electrical-driven Model T-Fords for seniors and PWDs to get around the park easier with park drivers for a small fee. (this is in the works)

​In special cases, they will allow drop-off with seniors and/or PWDs in a van or SUV inside the park. Not through the main gate but through access to the other side of the park. Have your tour operator ask for guidance from the parking guards.

You can Visit Their Website at sikatunasmirroroftheworld.com but it’s incomplete and lacking contact information.

Take a look at this amazing video shot by Boris Heberer of Bohol.TV

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Expected to be 100% completed in 2 years from now (2021)
The KOI Fish Pond, Petronas Tower of Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco Bridge (USA), The statue of Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro), Eiffel Tower (Paris, France), Burj Khalifa of Dubai, Restaurant and Caffe, Castle on Top of the highest hill, Opera Hall in Sidney and the 6 Cabins for Rental built with Norwegian style finish with Grass on the roof with an Infinity Pool
What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Bohol and Visit Mirror of the World Located at Barangay Libjo, Sikatuna, Bohol, Philippines.


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