Loboc bohol’s capital of arts music and pre hispanic culture

Loboc Bohol’s Capital of Arts Music and Pre-Hispanic Culture


Think of floating restaurants and invigorating short cruises—you are definitely guessing right about Loboc. The town’s extraordinary cruise crosses the scenic Loboc river and stops at Busay Falls while native bands and folklore dancers perform in boat restaurants.
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Loboc, an inland village 24 kilometers away from Tagbilaran’s east, is the heart of the barter industry even before the Spaniards came. The village is one of Bohol’s oldest town was known to be the major market point where goods from the sea were bartered for upland’s agricultural produce. When Jesuit Missionaries turned to transfer most of their missionary activities in the village, the construction of schools and churches influenced a total change in the community’s landscape structure. Loboc’s historical influences can be seen among old churches such as the three-story Saint Peter the Apostle Parish built with murals and museum.

Loboc is also famous for being the music capital where globally known Loboc Children Choir is based. To witness the children’s enchanting voice singing rehearsals, you need to set up a schedule because of their growing demands from tourists.

Loboc River Cruise

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