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Jagna Rock Resort, Bohol, Philippines – Coolest Cheap Resort in Bohol

The Jagna Rock Resort, Bohol, Philippines justifies your desire of seeing the beautiful essence of God’s wonder.

People nowadays go chillin’ in the midst of long-white-sand-beaches during summer. Most of their destination especially here in Bohol includes the beautiful island of Panglao and the growing Anda beaches. But never disregard this resort. The Jagna Rock Resort is located at barangay Larapan of the famous town, Jagna, Bohol, Philippines. Unlike a normal resort, The Jagna Rock Resort offers a different experience. All you can see are big rocks, long stairs, and no plain land. It is really far from the long-white-sand-beaches of Panglao and Anda.
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You can see a cozy hut-like resto near the entrance gate, and it has shades of trees, and from there, you are looking forward to where the blue ocean has its splashes unto the huge rocks down below…looking into the magnificent and flabbergasting vast seas nestled to the farthest horizon. The long and winding stairs in-between rocks where cottages are built for guests to take their brief or lengthy stay. Green plants are scattered around, sprouting on tiny and huge buds of flowers, where the coolness of the breeze is felt into the skin.

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The management is fairly justifiable with how much you spend, and where the staff gets you over into a very congenial treatment, with the ready-hand to assist and with the ever-ready ears to sensitively listen. Foods are palatable, fiesta-seemingly something, and since the resort is located away from the market area, permission is granted by the management to do grocery of small and big items to be brought to where you are planning to stay within the perimeter of the resort…even bottles or gallons of water can be reserved so not to be out of stock. The Jagna Rock Resort also has available rooms for their customers who want to stay in the resort for just an affordable price. The entrance fee is only P10.00. No corkage fee.

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