How do i get a website?

How do i get a website?

The question that’s always asked is how do i get a website for my business, resort or hotel in Bohol?

how do i get a website?

Anyone with a marketing idea can get a Web site. A simple Web site costs about 35PHP per day to maintain and update (the cost of a cup of coffee). This means that there are many people with great website ideas out there getting tired of dealing with overpriced web designers that promise the world and deliver little business for you or nothing at all (take the money and run). Websites can reach out to a gigantic worldwide audience instantly with the correct person working with you! At no other time could you reach so many customers worldwide for so little money and effort.

That said we move on to the real question How do I get a website?

We have used to register domains for years and am very happy with the cost and support.

This is where you would or should start (registering your domain that’s been carefully researched and thought out), then web hosting comes into play. You will need a place to “Host” your files called a web server. After you register your domain we offer free web hosting for 1 year (3,500PHP per year after that for a 150MB account with free updates and support INCLUDED!) don’t be fooled by people promising lifetime domains and lifetime hosting you will get TAKEN.

The next thing to do is to write your content for the pages. If you can’t think of what content you want you can hire us to write content for you that will be keyword rich as well as correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, which is now a grand determining factor in the new internet search engines algorithms that are now being used such as Panda from Google.

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