Chocolate hills in carmen

Chocolate Hills in Carmen

Carmen Town — The House of World’s Known Wonders, Chocolate Hills

If you plan on visiting here in Bohol, you will want to make it a point to stop and see the famous Chocolate Hills.
Philippines is a pacific bound collection of islands bountiful of natural treasures. Among those tourist spots known widely, Chocolate Hills earned admiration from tourist packers. The exhibit of estimated 1,260 hills located in town of Carmen, Bohol can be viewed better by climbing through stairs mounted on the hills.
The geological stunning brown coloration of hill surfaces is due to grass covers that change into a brown color when dry season comes.

The Municipality of Carmen is centrally situated within the island of Bohol.
The town, with its tourism demands, established a government owned Chocolate Hills Complex where hotels and restaurants can accommodate visitors.
Besides the popular Chocolate Hills, the town also prides itself in showing off other tourist spots such as the water attraction of Banahan Springs in Barangay La Paz; the stalagmites formation in Kokok Cave in Barangay Montevideo; the historical Nueva Vida Norte Cave that used to be a refugee campsite for locals during Japanese regime; and the enticing mountainous side of Montesunting mini-forest.
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