Bohol The New Boracay

The Island of Bohol is becoming more and more popular with many more attractions than Boracay. It’s easy to see why more and more tourists are flocking To Bohol Philippines rather than Boracay each year.

The friendliness of Boholanos is second to none when it comes to hospitality. I have had the pleasure of visiting Boracay island (a little difficult to get to as Boracay doesn’t have an airport yet) and the Island of Bohol.
BOHOL – This 10th largest island in the Philippines immediately grabbed my attention the moment I stepped off the plane.
My guide was waiting at the Tagbilaran Airport to greet me with open arms and show me around the Island of Bohol. I quickly realized after driving down the smooth roads of Tagbilaran and traveling to Panglao Island where the resort was located on near Alona Beach, Bohol was the place to travel to in the Philippines due to its beauty and cleanliness, little traffic and breathtaking scenery but best of all LOTS TO DO AND SEE. If you have visited any other islands in the Philippines you will know pollution is a big issue here. But not in Bohol. This Island was Clean…and not only the water but the air quality and city as well.

I also noticed the quality of the roads were far exceeding anything I have witnessed in the Philippines. A smooth ride to the resort with NEW concrete roads that were a pleasure to cruise down. Motorcycle enthusiasts also flock to Bohol as the Famous Bohol Bikers always have a ride scheduled for tours around the island with the club members. The tours around Bohol are highly recommended using a van or bus if you have many people in your group but then you may decide to “Rough It” and go it alone on a brand new motorcycle curtsey of Bohol Diamond Rentals.

Bohol Motorcycle Rental is the best! They rent out clean reliable motorcycles that won’t leave you STUCK in the wrong place. He will also deliver that shiny new motorcycle to your resort or hotel anywhere in the Island of Bohol… Some charge for delivery may apply.

All in all, Bohol has what it takes to please even the most adventuress tourist and keep them coming back time and time again…

The websites below are up to provide you with the best that Bohol has to offer and more tourist spots than a dog have fleas…
If you decide to visit here in Bohol Philippines, you won’t be disappointed…
Mabuhay Bohol Philippines! – (Welcome To Bohol Philippines)

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